While it’s easy to blame the internet for increased anxiety, addictive behavior, shortened attention spans, and instant gratification, I don’t think the internet is the true source of the problem — it’s simply a channel for it. From my view, I think these patterns can be traced back to the overgrowth of the industrial age.

The nature of life is cyclical. In summer, the trees reach their fullest, exalted manifestations and then they lose their leaves to prepare for winter. We, as humans, are not removed from that cycle. However, we have learned to fear that cycle.

This is why…

“When the defect becomes common it is considered as the normal state by the generality.”- Sufi Mystic Hazrat Inyanat Khan

While this piece is in response to the Black Lives Matter movement as an action against the systemic racial problem in America, I will be focusing on a few basic driving spiritual forces underneath this problem.

I do not feel that I, as a non-black person, fully deserve the platform, nor do I know enough about it experientially or academically to say what hasn’t already been said in 10,000 different ways by black Americans.

So, I will be focusing on…

In the field of abstract expressionism, there may be none more different than the likes of Piet Mondrian and Mark Rothko.

Mondrian’s modality is a highly intellectual process. He plays with color and shape much like a mathematician.

If Bach is the mathematician of music, Mondrian is the mathematician of art.

Dismissive of emotion and the human experience, Mondrian viewed art as this pedestal of divinity- something physical reality couldn’t touch. As he left the representational art of his early years altogether and entered his universe of abstract geometric shapes, he explored a definitive intellectual dominion that one certainly cannot…

No, your art is not good enough.

Because, guess what?

You can always improve!

You should never hit a point as an artist where you think, “That’s it! I’m done. I’ve mastered it.”

In fact, the more your mastery increases, the more nuanced your perception of your art form becomes.

The more nuanced your perception, the more ways you notice that you can improve.

And that will never end.

Art is a journey, not a destination.

It’s not separated into ‘bad’ or ‘good.’

Art is simply creation- playing with ideas, emotions, and aesthetics.

At its core, it’s about self-discovery.


Don’t just stand there!

Find out how to make effective decision making right here!

Our modern world is constantly inundated with information.

Between the constant stream of content on the internet, constant media, and a multitude of factory designed products, we are being stimulated all the time.

We have an incessant stream of music and films, which I believe becomes a detriment to aspiring artists, as we have more of an inclination to consume entertainment than to create anything ourselves.

We need to find our stillness, peace, and creative flow in spite of this influence of overconsumption.

We need to…

Hey guys, this is going to be a really quick and casual post.

A few days ago, I wrote about the importance of routine.

I wanted to write an add-on by actually breaking down my daily routine and discuss how I got here and why it works for me.

I know it’s really hard to start to figure out how you should structure yourself if you have no example to go off of.

So, here is MY personal routine.

I hope you find it helpful.

Plus, it will give you a chance to learn a little more about me.

My Morning Routine


I’m sure you’re familiar with that wrong side of the bed feeling- when you wake up and you already feel a little off.

Maybe you have a weird dream and it just puts you in a funk.

Or you bang your shin right as you get out of bed and it pisses you off… and then your day just never recovers.

I’m sure you’re equally familiar with the flipside of that.

When you wake up and feel great and then great things just keep happening and suddenly you’re on an exponential positive spin?

Believe it or not, an amazing daily…

Breaking bad habits is hard. Forming new ones- even harder!

It takes persistence and dedication.

If you have persistence and dedication, then all it takes is a little mind-hacking.

With the formation of a habit, there is a trigger, a routine, and a reward.

If we aren’t consciously forming habits, they are unconsciously forming based off of these triggers.

To form positive habits consciously, we need to identify these triggers and replace them.

Easier said than done.

Here are some steps to help you begin.

Consciously identify the habits that you want to change.

Be analytical and really explore your brain.

Delve deep. Ask yourself questions. Observe your behavior.

Does the prospect of making bad art cause you shame?

Do you ever procrastinate on making art because you’re afraid it won’t be good?

Then, shame yourself for procrastinating on making art…

Causing you to procrastinate ever further…

Which causes more shame…

Then shame is piling on shame and you’re so ashamed of not making art at this point that you feel like you don’t deserve to make art and then…

You proceed to just….

Never make art?

This, my friends, is the Sneaky Shame Spiral.

In my experience, there are two types of artists:

Artists that always feel crippling…

Focus is the art of thinking and acting with discernment.

It’s the ability to choose a concentration and consciously devote our energy to it.

This involves the thoughts we think, the emotions we listen to, and the things that we choose to do, even on the most microscopic level.

The world we create around us is dependent on how well we focus and what we focus on.

If our focus is sporadic, we create a sporadic environment. If our focus is centralized, our environment becomes centralized.

In essence, we are what we focus on.

This puts our fates and futures…

Rahim Nanos

Holistic Wellness & Cannabis Copywriter

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